Sunday, October 7, 2012

September Blog

I have chosen to participate in the Summit Park Leadership Community to get more experience being a leader before entering the workforce.  I am earning a degree in elementary education which requires working with children as well as parents, faculty, and staff of all ages and backgrounds.  Nathanael Greene Botanical Center was the perfect choice for a group project for me because all kinds of people work there as well.  The volunteers do not fall under one specific demographic which allows me experience working with all kinds of people.  I hope to learn how to work with different leadership styles during my year living in Summit Park.  My roommates this year both have different leadership styles which may lead to different forms of conflict resolution when a problem arises.  My training from Summit Park will hopefully train me what to do during a disagreement if a person with a different leadership style is approaching a problem in a different way than I would.  So far, our community partner has been very easy to work with.  One struggle we have had however is finding volunteer work needed at the center.  The fall is not the busiest time of year, but opportunities will arise with the seasons changing.  My leadership style fell under the blue category, so I enjoy harmony within the group. My roommates are both oranges and they bring a lot of spunk into the mix. I think the combination of colors will bring many creative ideas for projects for the Center and one challenge we may have is staying organized together.  The Nathanael Greene Botanical Center is our partner this year and their mission is to "enhance people's lives through plant demonstrations and education."
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Katelyn Wojan

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